Who’s the Luckiest?


Love to play games? Not mind games, but games? Then try this to improve a relationship you value.

My husband and I play a game called “Luckiest?” We compete to decide who is the luckiest. We are the only two players. No one else is invited to play this game with us. Each night at midnight the clock resets. No one can hold on to the label of “luckiest” for longer than 24 hours with midnight being the cutoff mark.

Some days we forget to play this game. Other days we pounce! … Like today, Bryan claimed he was the luckiest at 12:01 a.m. so he had all but 1 minute of the day to be known as the luckiest in our family.

We got the idea from the song, “The Luckiest” (see link below) which is such a sweet song.

So if you love someone … try this game. It’s fun to play!



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