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Veterans Day 2010


United States Flag

There aren’t too many subjects that are all but guaranteed to make me emotional, but America, patriotism, and those who serve in the Armed Forces are near the top of that list. I have known many who have defended this country and I am awed by their willingness to sacrifice, and the scale of that sacrifice, so that the rest of us can enjoy freedom. “Thank you” is entirely inadequate, but must be said. I am frequently appalled at the way we treat our vets, even today. They richly deserve our highest honors and unwavering gratitude, regardless of whether we approve of the war they are fighting or, indeed, of war in general.

So, to those who have served our country, and by extension me and my family, THANK YOU. I am deeply grateful.

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Sending love songs


Many couples have one song that puts them in the mood — Bryan and I have over 200 that span genres and decades.

Very early in our courtship, I was inspired to send him a song every day to express my feelings for him. What followed became a catalog of love songs that journaled the range of emotions I, and sometimes we, felt as the love between us grew.

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